Housing in Budapest

A few things that you should keep in mind if you are looking for a rent:

  • If you are planning to stay for about a year you should consider moving into the downtown of the city (district V., VI., VII., VIII., IX.). These areas are the most popular and the most developed at the moment. The public transportation is excellent even in nighttime so you don't need to take a taxi to get home.

  • If you are ready to stay for long then Buda is an optimal choice. The most popular part is district I., II., XI. and XI.. Here you can find quality houses and semi detached- houses too with very good car-parking possibilities. Up in the hills all properties have some kind of protected car-parking areas and garages, which is not a feature of Pest.

  • Prepare yourselves that the banking system is not too good here and landlords usually accept cash or bank transfer. Traveler's Cheque, credit cards and debit cards are only enough for withdrawing money from ATMs but they are not enough to pay with them to a private person.

  • To lease a property you have to have a passport with you when you undersign a lease contract to identify yourselves. Your home ID (even with a pictures) is not accepted.

  • Always prepare minimum three months rent to enter the property. Out of this amount two months rent goes for security deposit (that you get back at the end) and the rent has to be paid ahead usually in monthly terms.

  • The property's rental fee is a net amount. It does not include property tax and utilities. They all extra. The amount of the utilities is depending on the property size and the usage. Gas, electricity and water are measured on meters, house maintenance fee (that includes common water, common electrical usage, garbage removal, cleaning of the staircases etc.) and cable TV is a fixed amount.